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Brookdog Fishing Company

You know how the saying goes, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Well, if one would look at me, one would automatically assume that I would not really be into the outdoors. I don’t have a very rugged or earth-mother looking exterior from my blue hair to my fake lashes. But, I will have you know, that not only do I enjoy the outdoors, I really enjoy fishing.

 photo 5EF4CD75-D04F-492A-B21D-CE637B02F8F9.jpg

That’s right, my friends. I first became interested in fishing a thousand years ago (approximately) when Nicholas used to take me spin fishing for little guys. Him, being a huge fly fisherman, gradually introduced me into the world of fly fishing. While I’m really not that great at it, I still enjoy being out on the water and hopefully catching a fish or two.

 photo 395FB771-D052-414E-803A-320E062C7B6A.jpg

I recently linked up with Ryan of Brookdog Fishing Company to spend a few hours on the water.  Brookdog is a local fishing charter owned by Ryan Shea and Nathan Carr.  I’ve never been on a fishing charter before, so I had no idea what to expect.  As you can see from the photos in this post, I experienced an amazing evening with a super chill and down to earth guide who showed me a new side to Buffalo’s water that I haven’t been able to see before. Plus, I caught a fish!

 photo 41A7FF94-9FEB-4BC8-8D68-E9F1FBC38130.jpg

The weather was absolutely perfect to be out on the water. Ryan told me what to do to make sure that I would catch the smallmouth bass that we were searching for. I followed his instructions and landed this bad boy! Actually, I think he told me it was a girl…

 photo AD3D2CCE-52A2-4633-8F16-525DB1E22C50.jpg

 photo 17E2B894-BEC0-4E93-8858-03B3967102A9.jpg

I was SO EXCITED to catch this beauty! Most of the time, the etiquette when you have a fish on your line is to yell, “Fish on!” But I’m pretty sure that I just yelled, “Oooohhhhh!” I’m lucky that he understood what I was trying to say.

 photo EFB72AB5-AA11-4578-9C3B-5B3638324728.jpg

From there on we traveled over closer to Grand Island, fished a little more, caught an amazing sunset…

 photo 7E059315-56FB-455E-A10E-43D1E76F53E2.jpg

And also caught another fish! This one was all Nicholas.

 photo EBFB2A59-150D-4210-A12C-4E75C66FFF16.jpg

 photo 125A67CF-DE75-4FB7-A071-36BBECC1F8C0.jpg

I asked Ryan a few questions about Brookdog and the future of their business.  Here’s what he had to say!

When did you start your business?

June 2016

Have you always known that becoming a fishing guide was something that you wanted to pursue?

We had an assignment in 7th grade for home Econ class – write a 1000 word essay about what you want to be when you grow up. I wrote about being a professional angler.

How did you come up with the name Brookdog?

Nate, my brother Tim, and I used to camp and fish small streams in our younger years. Back then, everything had a little hip-hop flavor to it – i.e. What’s up, “dog?” We were always throwing “dog” at the end of various words. Since brook trout were our favorite fish on those small creeks, we’d revel in catching “brookdogs.” The nick name clicked – and we decided if we ever started a guide service we’d call it Brookdog Fishing Company.

What do you love about owning your own business?

Independence and the ability to use our creativity in creating a brand. Making ourselves distinguishable from our peers is a lot of fun. It creates many opportunities to collaborate with different people and learn something new.

What are the challenges that come with owning your own business?

Generating business! Work-life balance is really tough. Having a supportive family is key. I couldn’t do this without the love and support of my beautiful wife.

What’s your future plans for Brookdog?

Keep growing! We also want to expand our portfolio of Re-Discover Your Region episodes.

What do you love most about Buffalo?

Fishery: It’s a year round fishery with different targets and tactics for every season.

Town: the social scene. You can emerge yourself in so many different cultures and you never have to travel far. The concerts, the festivals, the food – it’s all incredible.

Favorite place to grab a drink?

Dockside Bar and Grill

What’s currently on your playlist?

Anything 90s hip hop! However, I listen to “Box Chevy V” by Yelawolf every time I’m about to get on the water.

Thank you SO MUCH Ryan for taking us out for a gorgeous evening of fishing. We had a blast!

 photo 11F441DB-42B7-467A-BE7C-253BC0CE4B89.jpg

If you have always wanted to go on a fishing charter, you should absolutely contact Brookdog Fishing Company! Visit their website for more information.

Feed Your Furry Friends The Best With Hound Fresh!

The product was provided to me by Hound Fresh in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

 photo D5DF7EAE-63A0-4759-926A-566C65C4A200.jpg

Attention all dog owners! How picky are your four legged friends when it comes to their food? Super fussy? Will eat anything? I have one of each, so I am on both ends of the spectrum…and it can be really frustrating.

I’ve never formally introduced my two dogs to you all, so here they are. I lovingly call them the Idiot Twins. Idiot #1, Bella, is a mutt. We aren’t quite sure what she is, actually, although I wasted my money on one of those doggy DNA tests once. We knew that she was an Australian Cattle Dog mix, but I just wanted to know what the mix was, as she looks part German Shepherd. The test results came back that she was an….wait for it…AUSTRALIAN CATTLE DOG MIX. They didn’t tell me what the mix was as apparently they can’t test past three generations back. Anyway, long story short, she is my picky eater. Sometimes she’ll eat fine, sometimes she’ll snub her food, sometimes she’ll eat both her and her sister’s food. There’s no rhyme or reason, I guess it just depends on if she wants to be stubborn that day and drive me crazy.

And speaking of her sister, Idiot #2 is Libby, the English Springer Spaniel. She will eat everything and anything, even if it’s not food. She’ll just assume that it’s food and eat it anyway, so that’s fun. Not.

I was recently approached by Margaret, owner of the local company Hound Fresh. They make dog food with real ingredients, cooked fresh every week! How cool is that? If you visit their website, it breaks down all of the ingredients and answers any questions that you might have about the process.

Margaret sent me two containers for my pups to try out, and this food was a raging success. Bella, the picky one, gobbled up this food without any question or hesitation. She seemed to really enjoy it. All she really cares about is meat, and this food is packed full of chicken and veggies and doesn’t have any grains or fillers, which is really important. Libby, the vacuum, actually took her time eating, which was totally out of the ordinary for her, and she normally seems to swallow her food whole without actually tasting it. She was chewing her food for once, which made me a happy mamma.

 photo 0362A6C8-C834-4A8E-BDE7-EBBF3F64617A.jpg

I asked Margaret a few questions about Hound Fresh and the future of her company, and here’s what she had to say!

When did you start your business?

Hound Fresh officially started this past fall after a year of researching and working with our team to develop our recipe. It was important for us to take the time with our nutritionists to ensure that we had the best possible food available.

Have you always known that creating dog food was something that you wanted to pursue?

Not at first. I started Hound Fresh because I wasn’t happy with the options that were out there to feed our pets. When I adopted Comrade (my amazing lab mix;) seven years ago, I had no idea that a world beyond kibble existed! Believe it or not, I always believed that dogs shouldn’t eat “people food”. Comrade suffered with skin conditions that just wouldn’t go away with any of the treatments. Thats when I started looking into his diet and switched him over to a fresh food diet. The results were amazing. His skin alignments cleared up, and his overall health improved. The more I read about fresh food diets the more I realized what an important role they played in keeping dogs in optimum health. Fresh food diets work great for dogs that are also struggling with allergies, itchy skin, chronic ear infections, digestive issues, and weight management.
The issue with kibble is first and foremost its ingredients- the majority of kibbles use ingredients that are “not fit” for human consumption- these include the 4D’s- Dead, diseased,dying or disabled. These ingredients are used not only in lower quality kibbles but in premium kibbles as well.
Hound Fresh never uses grains,by-products, preservatives, “mystery meat, or rendered meat. You can see our ingredients and we are totally transparent in everything we put in our food.

 photo CD2C5B53-010B-4763-B338-C11C4AF73FAA.jpg

What do you love about owning your own business?

I love the fact that it allows me to pursue something I am passionate in. Each and every single dog we feed are part of our Hound Fresh family and we take a genuine interest to make sure that each of our dogs is thriving. Helping them achieve their health is very fulfilling for us.

What are the challenges that come with owning your own business?

I think the biggest challenge was trying to keep it as simple as possible for our customers. Kibble is very convenient, you just scoop and go! We also wanted to keep it as convenient as possible while still providing a superior fresh food diet. With this in mind, we came up with our business model. Our food is cooked fresh to order Monday morning and than delivered Monday evening. We provide weekly delivery right to your doorstep. Our food is individually customized and pre-portioned by meal for each individual dog. Just open and serve!

Any plans to expand into stores?

Yes! You can find us at Animal Outfitters!

 photo CC8AE048-09E1-474E-87C1-AC20856A326E.jpg

What do you love most about Buffalo?

The people! Buffalo has such a sense of community and pride.

What are the future plans for your business?

We have had such a great response from Buffalo! Our immediate plans are to continue to expand our grow our customer base.

Thank you so much Margaret for the yummy meals for my pups! If you would like to try out Hound Fresh for your fur babies, visit their website to get started today!

Spend a Weekend at Darien Lake!

This post is sponsored by Pepsi and Darien Lake Theme Park Resort. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

We all know that life can get a little (or a lot!) hectic sometimes. Work, school, chores, kids, pets, significant others, family…as “adults” we have a lot to deal with. But while people have a lot of responsibilities to handle on a day to day basis, is it so wrong to want to throw a little bit of fun into the mix?

My life has been pretty busy lately, and I am SO grateful for the wonderful folks at Darien Lake Theme Park Resort. Recently, myself and a few of my favorite humans spent the weekend at Darien Lake, and this could not have come at a better time. Technically on paper, we are considered to be adults, but thanks to this amazing experience, we definitely felt like kids again!

 photo 84F1CCF5-395F-41A3-A283-188C065B237C.jpg

Darien Lake had provided myself and my friends with cabins for the weekend, as well as some killer swag.

 photo 252D0235-9455-4CB2-8199-8F1EB3F6C28A.jpg

Some of us looked better in the tees than others…

 photo 716D3931-BC91-4D34-8DF4-68535219E493.jpg

The Cabin

So I’ll be honest, I’ve never been that big of a camper. The whole staying in a tent and possibly getting eaten by bears thing never sounded appealing to me. But this…THIS I absolutely can get used to.

 photo 68014B19-1BB7-4D62-B293-93BBBD65C4D7.jpg

Guys, you don’t understand. The cabins at Darien Lake are incredible. Like, I would stay here every weekend if I could.

First of all, they have air conditioning AND heat. It was a little bit chilly the weekend that we were there, and it was so warm and toasty inside the cabin after we turned the heater on. Definitely a great way to warm up on a cold night. Second of all, they have super comfy mattresses…like a real bed inside a real house type of mattress. So much better than a sleeping bag inside of a leaky tent. Third of all, and the most important, a bathroom, shower, electricity, and running water. Seriously!! It’s glamping at its finest, and I couldn’t have been more excited.

 photo 6EA8FE55-BA48-419C-905C-6ED8EF862155.jpg

As you can see from my super awesome (not!) cell phone pic below, each cabin has their own picnic table, fire pit, and charcoal grill. We were most excited about building a fire in the pit in the evening and roasting up some marshmallows for smores….

How toasty do you like your marshmallows? I like to light mine on fire. Yep, I’m THAT girl.

 photo 5BDBD4EF-D299-4EE1-8A3F-6F5875D90DE9.jpg

The Food

Speaking of food…isn’t amusement park food the best?! Obviously, we scarfed down all of the yummy things that we could find.  From chicken fingers and fries to cotton candy and pizza, we actually ate everything.

Not pictured: the ice cream that I ate so fast that I totally forgot to take a photo of until it was too late.

Sorry not sorry.

 photo 2C1EAB0C-4027-4E76-91D1-868C486833B9.jpg

 photo FDBB90B1-5BB9-44F9-BC59-1F4153F6D178.jpg

The Games

I would like to think that I am good at games, but I’m not good at games.  Like, at all. I’m actually pretty terrible. But I have so much fun playing them!

 photo 1F1A344D-AC5D-4702-A11A-95C6244D8B70.jpg

 photo D6E60468-1939-4256-8F10-660E438DEF43.jpg

I attempted to win this insanely adorable troll creature, but alas, luck was not on my side. She still looked cute with my outfit, though, so hello perfect photo op!

 photo F2FA3EC3-1BDE-4219-9708-773A30B350B5.jpg

 photo 18739968_10155116752905837_7463579112286199651_n.jpg

 photo 2B20943F-5943-46EE-AD52-52D7AF2C0A24.jpg

The Rides

As I had mentioned in my first post, Darien Lake is a ride lover’s paradise! My personal favorite is the ferris wheel.


 photo 3718692C-2D25-44E8-B9AE-37040609F088.jpg

Check out the view from the top…so beautiful!

 photo 497B4B6B-7AA2-4775-8FF9-F901D2DD47A2.jpg

And of course, roller coasters are always the fan favorite. My friends’ absolute favorite coaster in the park is the Boomerang.

 photo 16A176FA-D016-47A1-A3E9-15A558F19C44.jpg

This intense ride shoots you forward AND backward…talk about a thrill, right?

 photo 18740641_10211388751348625_1409894869596761959_n.jpg

And speaking of thrill….oh dear.

Have you guys seen this one?

This is the RedHawk. This bad boy brings you up 180 feet off the ground, and once you pull the rip cord, you soar through the air like its namesake.  I was WAY too chicken to do this one, but my friends said that it was an amazing experience!

 photo B296250B-E30D-4003-882D-C5AFA17AFC56.jpg

 photo 231A8462-0844-463B-9AD6-A261F975256D.jpg

 photo DF8E1BB9-7628-4851-9B98-70859249CA46.jpg

 photo 18739642_10155116751895837_3278850847262682549_n.jpg

 photo 4E79B3D9-5407-4933-88EF-B3BF1CDFB9D5.jpg

I found my favorite form of excitement by riding the pretty ponies on the Merry Go Round 🙂

 photo 18697969_10211388752148645_7647336759752617626_n.jpg

 photo 18767468_10211388751588631_4994965974001896452_n.jpg

The Fun

Well, we only had one casualty of the weekend…

 photo 88DAC365-F893-4E0B-A9C8-6087146582FC.jpg

Just kidding! He’s totally fine…or is he?

 photo 93818098-8379-4213-AC61-B09EA25D5B93.jpg

One of my favorite parts of the weekend was the Ignite the Night Colorblast laser light show! The is a nightly laser show that includes pyrotechnics, fireworks, music, and multi-colored laser effects.  It was so beautiful!


 photo 7323E84E-CB22-4197-A452-882A15321103.jpg

 photo A66B4742-291E-4A64-AB5B-04607EC69040.jpg

And of course, the boys had WAY too much fun with their glow swords. Want to see a grown man act like a child? Give him a light up sword…bonus points if the sword also makes noise (these did!)

 photo 80266452-C2DF-4642-9A7F-B066181A2CC1.jpg

 photo 635A0B86-EC51-4676-857C-3A6B9CCBCE5F.jpg

The Friends

I’m sure everybody says this, but I actually mean this next statement with my whole heart: My friends are the greatest friends in the entire world.

Not to sound sappy, but this weekend was actually so incredible because of the people I was with.  I’ve been blessed with incredible friends who know how to have a great time no matter what we are doing.

My final tip for having the best time at Darien Lake is to bring a group of your besties with you. Sure the park is a blast on its own, but it will be even better if you have your people with you.

 photo 2300DC59-688E-4B73-A5DC-24C63F6222F7.jpg

 photo 12E64E7D-ABBA-4F17-9623-EA19384E8498.jpg

 photo C2E9B7C8-88F2-465E-90D2-D692333E5931.jpg

 photo E41B2596-83F6-4E75-B4D9-54DEFB07F6C2.jpg

 photo 18671218_10155116753130837_395583993854233131_n.jpg

BONUS: The Views

While walking back to our cabins to relax before the light show, we had to stop and marvel at the beauty of the actual Darien Lake. The sunlight, the slight fog, the reflection of the roller coaster in the water…I’ve never seen anything like it.

 photo 7BC22BE1-B026-412A-B1BA-F5FC0F322A22.jpg

 photo 5A93701E-E63E-4344-901B-993150B60CD7.jpg

 photo C4925A55-253D-4276-8BE6-C5DE86990871.jpg

 photo 2140602C-78C0-49A6-BD2E-BFAC0774DF51.jpg

I just wanted to give a gigantic THANK YOU to Darien Lake Theme Park Resort and Pepsi for this opportunity. My friends and I had so much fun! And just a reminder, visit http://www.darienlake.com/pepsi and buy one full price admission & get one free when you use code PEPSI. Offer ends June 25th, so take advantage of this ASAP!

 photo BE47DFCC-5068-4C41-940E-FA3C6DF3B012.jpg

Photos by Ryan Kell & Nicholas Robson

The Victory Gardens Spring Pop-Up

 photo F90B23F6-4A23-45A4-93EA-511BBB9CAE2A.jpg

Photos by Ryan Kell

A few weeks ago I had wrote a post about the Oxford Pennant Pop-Up…and it’s finally open!

With the help of Fern Croft, the entire store has been transformed into a beautiful wonderland full of succulents, air plants, ferns, moss, and everything in between.  Everywhere you look, there is something new to explore…it is totally magical!  And, a fun fact, all of these plants are for sale.  I picked up a lovely wooden air planter which looks perfect in my office…and I haven’t killed the air plant yet, which is a miracle!

 photo DB656D6F-94CE-4225-8E39-A32CADD98E96.jpg

 photo 25E1B32A-A54D-4AF9-BA9B-7DDF0F729B78.jpg

 photo 5C5433FD-9BCE-488F-A8C9-5420DE5E0E08.jpg

Among the beautiful flora, Oxford Pennant is also selling carefully hand-picked items that are incredibly unique and a gardener’s dream…watering cans, hanging planters, gardening gloves, etc. But for those of us who were not blessed with that green thumb, they also sell pieces that are perfect for us fashionable folks…sunglasses, Oxford Pennant tees, and my personal favorite, these “Stay Lucky” and “Raise Hell” cuff bracelets.  So cute!

 photo 1C371A83-3A32-4AA2-BED0-564593B02272.jpg

I wish that I had a magnetic wall in my house so I could fill them with these magnetic air planters! Don’t these look like little pineapples?

 photo 6F8A79BB-F0F7-4424-AAE8-B4C08AD0A8F1.jpg

 photo E5DD124B-4D20-4888-83BE-DFA1759DE8A9.jpg

 photo 8EA1CA07-6BC6-47B9-BE56-5146CB6F1EEB.jpg

 photo 4F9554C3-295C-417D-BD4E-782AF493B527.jpg

 photo 5476829D-7D9F-426F-B9B1-24459C935E21.jpg

 photo D0CBAE2D-9F9A-4A53-9B9F-533BC5650741.jpg

 photo BFAE4548-9640-4F4B-9AC6-8A99058C484D.jpg

You are also able to purchase their pennants as well, which you could previously only purchase on their website.  I pretty much wanted to take every single one home with me.

 photo 14BF691E-CAE9-4809-B57E-D2B78ADCA442.jpg

 photo 8614CA1A-EEAA-45DE-A985-13EBFDEF0CCF.jpg

Thank you so much Oxford for letting me have a sneak peek before the doors opened…the store looks amazing!

If you are local in the WNY area, or if you want to take a trip in to town to check this out, you can find their pop-up at 43 W. Tupper in Buffalo.  The Victory Gardens is open from 12-8pm Monday-Saturday until July 3rd.  Get in before it’s gone!

 photo 00A962BD-8BAE-4A94-839B-1B23000C221F.jpg

Say Hello to Summer with Pepsi and Darien Lake!

This post is sponsored by Pepsi and Darien Lake Theme Park Resort. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

 photo 64B29339-3B4E-4368-B53F-F704DD1DF9FD.jpg

Summer is right around the corner! Can you feel it? The sun is finally shining, the birds are singing, and I’m starting to break out my warm weather wardrobe (say that three times fast!)

These rising temperatures have me itching to finally get out of the house and go on some adventures. Yes, laying on a beach all day may be enticing, but I’m craving something a little bit more action-packed! But where can I go that hosts the perfect mixture of relaxation and excitement?

Darien Lake Theme Park Resort, of course!

First of all, you know how amazing the rides are at Darien Lake, right? They have six unique coasters, from the backwards Boomerang to the lightning fast Ride of Steel. Also, have you seen the super intense RedHawk and Slingshot? Totally perfect for those of you who are adrenaline junkies!

Now you say, but Lindsay, where does the relaxation part come in?

Well, how about my absolute favorite lazy river in the Splashtown Waterpark! Or cuddle up to your favorite person and watch the nightly Ignite the Night Colorblast laser show (definitely a must-see!) There are even Hotel and Cabin rentals available to raise your Darien Lake trip to the next level!

Now you can’t wait for your trip to Darien Lake, right? And thanks to Pepsi, you can take advantage of this incredible BOGO offer. Visit http://www.darienlake.com/pepsi and buy one full price admission & get one free when you use code PEPSI!

Thanks Pepsi and Darien Lake for this great offer…my friends and I will see you soon!

 photo DC239021-4745-40F0-A048-D6DBF57FFBB8.jpg

Photos by Ryan Kell

Trebird Skateboard Jewelry

 photo 2DACD242-89EC-4BCA-9DCE-749BC88637CB.jpg

Photos by  Ryan Kell

Jewelry made out of a skateboard.

Sounds crazy, right?

Well, it definitely doesn’t sound crazy to Katie, owner of Trebird Skateboard Jewelry! I first became aware of Trebird a few years ago at a local artisan show, and from that point on I was completely hooked.  Her pieces are so unique and fun and add a little pop of color to any outfit, which is perfect for people like me who pretty much only wear black.

What I love so much about her jewelry is that you can really tell just how much time she spends on each one.  No two pieces are the same, and that adds an awesome variety to her brand that makes you want to keep collecting more and more.

I recently asked Katie a few questions about her business and life in Buffalo and found out that what started out as a broken skateboard slowly transformed into her passion.

In this shoot, I’m wearing the Skateboard Necklace, FRED Pendant, and Skateboard Earrings c/o Trebird. 

 photo 10D4BC31-4AF5-4853-B598-4E936725843F.jpg

When did you start your business?

Trebird started back in May of 2013. We’re actually coming up on our 5th anniversary!

Have you always known that jewelry design was something that you wanted to pursue?

I took a metalsmithing class back in college and I fell in love with it. After my course, I tried getting into it again but due to lack of resources I started branching out into different mediums. I worked with wire for a while and I hated everything I was making. I tried working with sewing thread, bead-working, recycled paper, you name it. It actually wasn’t until I worked with scrap paper that I realized I really like the idea of transforming something old into something new. Kyle (my boyfriend at the time, now husband) came home from the skate park one day with a broken skateboard. I saw all the colors in the board and I was so excited to tear it apart. Once I started cutting into it, I made my first pair of earrings. After that I started doing some research, got all the equipment I needed and set up my bench in the basement.

To go back to your question, I don’t think it’s something I’ve always known I wanted to do, but as I continue to make jewelry I find myself mildly obsessed with jewelry making of all forms. I’m currently trying to get back into metalsmithing again so there will hopefully be a new line from Trebird in the future.

 photo 6727D5A9-F705-4054-873C-39592B136587.jpg

How did you come up with the name Trebird for your brand?

Trebird came from living on the corner of Tremont and Bird in Buffalo. We were all brainstorming for a name one day and my friend Ryan suggested Trebird. I’ve got a lot of Buffalove in my heart so I thought it was the perfect fit. All of my boards come from skaters that skate the Buffalo streets so I thought it’d be neat to name all of our pieces after Buffalo streets too. (Potomac Pendant, Hoyt Pendant Earrings, Tremont Necklace, etc.)

What’s funny is that combining the street names have kind of turned into an overall branding for most of what I do. Our shop, Fred Handmade Wares, was named pretty much the same way. Franklin + Edward = Fred. Ha.

What do you love about owning your own business?

I can honestly say, my absolutely favorite part is seeing people wear my jewelry. I still get a little goofy every time I see someone wearing a piece of mine. Even if I don’t know who they are, I usually run right up to them and say, “Hey! I made that! You look awesome!”

My customers are awesome and they really are amazing looking people in general. I’m not just saying that. Haha.

 photo 2CF308E6-FB44-4583-A419-28C07615ACB0.jpg

What are the challenges that come with owning your own business?

There are so many challenges to owning your own business but I can definitely say it’s worth it. I’m on Etsy so keeping up with updating the shop is a monster of it’s own. It takes hours to get all the photos together, uploaded, tagged, etc.

It’s also difficult to find a lot of jewelry suppliers in the area. I try my hardest to make sure all of my hardware is sourced from local vendors. I’m lucky that Bead Gallery on Sheridan is so close, otherwise I’d have to search throughout Etsy for hours finding the right pieces.

It’s also difficult to stay up to date on style changes. I think my biggest hurdle was getting people to wear Trebird at first because they didn’t really understand the idea behind it. Now I have a solid customer base that loves repping Trebird and I couldn’t be more thankful for that.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I draw a lot of my inspiration from my own personal style, which can be good and bad. I’m a very neutral person and don’t have much “pizazz” to my outfits. I make a lot of jewelry based on if I would wear it. But the downfall to that is a lot of people may not like my style or what I would make based on that. Instead I’ll think of events that people could wear my jewelry to and I start to imagine the type of people that would go to those events. Concerts, a night on the town, to the beach, snowboarding, etc.

 photo 9099A3E6-0FC5-4916-B0E7-1B04F4E6FAA6.jpg

What do you love most about Buffalo?

There’s so much to love about Buffalo it’s hard to narrow it down. I would have to say the food though. I’m a sucker for a good meal and a good drink. And there’s SO many amazing places around here. Essex St. Pub might be the one place my husband and I go a little too much. Their BBQ game is just so on point!

What’s currently on your playlist?

Oh man, it’s different every day! Lately I’ve been really into Tame Impala, Alabama Shakes, Shakey Graves, Real Estate, Mac Demarco, and a little Bruno Mars sprinkled into a mix on the daily.

What are your plans for the future of your business?

I feel like I’ll always keep making new pieces for Trebird but I’m really going to start getting into metalsmithing. Depending on how that goes, there could be mix of new pieces in the future!

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